OET is a world leader in R2R manufacturing of Printed and Flexible Organic Electronics since integrates all processes and technologies (in line laser, metrology & quality control tools) into R2R Pilot and Production Printing lines (Inkjet, Slot die, Gravure, Screen Printing) with control in Automatic decision – making processes. OET is a provider of R2R full printed OPV products with unprecedented quality free of design.  Its core activities include large scale manufacturing and optimization of OPVs, OLEDs and printed RFIDs/NFC antennas, in-line laser processes, in-line metrology, Quality control platforms, encapsulation technologies, design & development of Inkjets and Lasers Systems for R2R printing lines. OET under international projects and collaborations from Europe, USA, Japan and China integrates its full printed Organic Electronic prototypes & products in Energy, Lighting, Automotive, Buildings, Wearables, IoT and Smart Packaging applications.


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